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AE Techron 7224功率放大器AE Techron 7224

型号:AE Techron 7224系列功率放大器

特色: 1kVA交直流放大器,DC-300kHz,可多台并联或串联工作。用户可以设置7224工作在高电压/低电流,中等电压和电流,或低电压/高电流模式。7224主要应用在EMC标准测试中产生波形,例如CS2009,DO-160,Mil-STD461等。


  • Stable when driving highly capacitive loads.

  • Four-quadrant operation.

  • User-selectable controlled-voltage or controlled-current modes of operation.

  • System output of over 3,600 watts or over 200 amperes maximum is possible with multiple, interconnected amplifiers.

  • Efficient design and light-weight chassis materials allow amplifier to occupy only 2U height and weighs only 41 lbs.

  • Protection circuitry protects the amplifier from input overloads, improper output connection (including shorted and improper loads), over- temperature, over-current, and supply voltages that are too high or low.

  • Shipped ready to operate from 120-volt (±10%) single-phase AC mains; 220/240-volt model available on request.


四象限功放在单相120/230VAC输入,很小的2U高度的体积内提供更大的工业功放能力。直流至300 KHz带宽,电流或电压控制模式,以及较宽范围的临床配置选项。可用于EMC的传导和辐射测试,科研机构和学校实验室。

The 7224 is a 4-quadrant power amplifier that offers the features of larger industrial amplifiers in a smaller 2U size that runs from single phase 120/230VAC. It features DC - 300 kHz bandwidth, controlled-current or controlled-voltage modes of operation and has a wide range of field-configurable options.

The 7224 is recognized by Ford Motor Company for use in CS2009 EMC testing; specifically for doing Radiated Immunity measurements in sections RI 140 RI 150 and doing conducted immunity sections CI 210, CI 230, CI 250, and CI 260. It is also recognized as valid for use in similar conducted and radiated immunity tests found in MIL STD 1275D, MIL STD 461, DO 160, SAE J1113-2, ISO 16750, General Motors GMW3172 and Chrysler CS-11809.

In only two years, the 7224’s configurability and flexibility have made it the choice of many research and university labs. It can be field-configured to run well into loads from 100 ohms to as low as 0.5 ohms. Even with its small bench top size, the 7224 is able to produce as much as 50 amps of current and as much as 158 volts, providing serious power for a wide range of applications and experiments. With its 70 volt per micro second slew rate, it is able to accurately reproduce wave forms from DC to above 300 kHz, making it a great choice for high-speed control applications. With its ability to operate in either Controlled Voltage or Controlled Current modes, it has been used in Small Bore MRI and NMR systems, testing of switch-mode power supply components, and driving Helmholtz coils. The optional "P" version improves already impressive noise, linearity of gain over amplitude and DC drift over temperature specs for applications that require the highest precision.


AC Power (up to 20 kHz): 900 watts RMS

Small Signal (8V p-p): 400 kHz

For High-Power Applications to: 100 kHz

DC Power: 16A at 13.5 VDC

40 mS Pulse (0.5Ω): Slew Rate: 50 Ap

Output Voltage: 
±150 Vp

Output Impedance: 5.3 mΩ in series with 0.95 μH

900 watts RMS 400 kHz